We organize and we perform with respect, the funeral of your own man,
prioritizing your needs for a dignified ceremony worthy of
memory of the deceased. We offer our services with complete understanding of
the delicate situation that you experience. Trying the best possible way
with consistency, professionalism and high quality services, to attribute great honor to the last farewell.

Prices for the organization of a funeral customized according to services and products.
(E.g. the type of decoration, the form of the coffin, the cemetery etc.)
Below you can find all the services that we offer:

  1. We specify the date and time of the funeral, in consultation with you for the cemetery  you want.
  2. We entirely all bureaucratic procedures to permit burial and death certificate.
  3. Announcement committing the funeral in the newspapers if you wish.
  4. We take care of printing and pasting of the announcement of the funeral in your home and surroundings.
  5. We transfer the mortal remains from the place of death in the freezing room, (with hearse) until  the day of the funeral ceremony
  6. With respect and seriousness, we care the preparation of the body.
  7. We offer a wide variety of quality coffins.
  8. We cooperate with professional florists for a perfect flower decorations both the church and the coffin.
  9. Ordering and transfer of funeral wreaths, that will be submitted by you and your friends.
  10. We write down wreaths and guests and we care for the printing of thank you cards.
  11. There is a choice chorus, and pontifical religious funeral.
  12. We arrange   the coffee shop at the cemetery for the offer of coffee after the funeral.We arrange  the restaurant of your choice also, if you wish to quote meal.
  13. We organize the transport of your relatives to and from the cemetery, upon request.

For any information please do not hesitate to contact with us.