The memorial service is very important ceremony in Greece.The main memorial services are three. Forty days,first year and the third year since the funeral’s day. In the memorial services are chanted prayers because we feel very strongly the presence of the deceased.
The memorial service of 40 days must be committed “until” 40 days. For this reason must be planned well ahead and give so, the opportunity to the relatives, who they were unable to attend the funeral to come and honor the memory of the deceased.

The price for organizing a memorial service, mainly depends on the number of guests that will be present and the services to be provided.
Below you can find all the services that we offer:

We plan the date and location of the memorial service at the cemetery or parish.

We announce the memorial ceremony at newspapers if you wish.
We take care of printing and pasting the announcement of the memorial ceremony in your home and surroundings.

We undertake the decoration of the church.

We provide the disc with the traditional boiled wheat, the cover charge (packed brioche or cake ), pouches and bags for wheat,packed spoons. Our expert staff will undertake the transportation and distribution of the traditional wheat.